Why brand identity is important for your business

The big reasons why brand identity is important for your business and the benefits of investing in professional branding.

It’s what I frequently refer to as “the visual stuff”. It’s the logo of your business. Your colour palette and typeface selection. The way you use graphics, icons and patterns. The style of your imagery. It all falls under brand identity. But why is brand identity important?

On the topic of branding, I always stress the importance of the more abstract elements, like vision and values. But that is never to say that the visuals don’t have a crucial role to play in your branding, too. So, let’s that a look at what, exactly, that role is.

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1. Differentiation

The whole point of branding is to highlight the things that makes your business unique. Your brand identity is a very effective way to do this from the moment your target market lay eyes on your business. By being deliberate and smart about the design of your brand collateral, you can make sure your brand stands out from other similar brands.

That isn’t to say you should try to create a brand identity that is the opposite of your competitors, simply for the sake of it. Your design choices should fall into a style that makes sense for what your brand represents. You don’t want to stand out for the wrong reasons. This brings us to the second point!

2. Personality & communication

You want your brand identity to communicate your brand’s personality, core values and purpose. You should think of your brand identity as a kind of visual language that supports your written messaging through imagery, colour and more.

Your brand identity helps your audience know how you want them to feel. Is the idea of your brand to make them pumped up and excited? Calm and reassured? Pampered and indulged? There should be a certain atmosphere you want to form around your brand and your brand identity is one way of very effectively doing that. It sets the tone from the moment your target market comes into contact with your carefully-designed brand touchpoints.

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3. Awareness & recognisability

Consistency is a key part of maintaining a good brand. Having a clear brand identity in place, with guidelines on its style and use, allows you to improve the visibility and recognisability of your brand.

Chances are the first time someone sees your logo, they won’t remember it. But when it starts to pop up again and again, they’ll begin to take notice. If the visuals accompany a positive experience, it means your brand identity can help to maintain good vibes between your business and your clients/customers.

4. Trust & reliability

Professionally designed branding helps your business look more well established. It can make your brand look bigger than it is, and lend a sense of experience and reliability to your business.

In general, a well-designed brand identity creates a perception of quality from the perspective of your target market. Having a strong brand identity shows a high level of commitment and care towards your business, and reassures your clients that they can put their trust in you.

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Why it's worth investing in brand identity and how it makes your business more profitable.Last thoughts

So, these are some reasons why brand identity is important and why your brand identity is worth investing in. The fact is, your brand identity is one of the key ways that you can communicate the story and values behind your brand. You need its design to be polished and well-thought-out to ensure the right message is reaching your audience, at every brand touchpoint they encounter.

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