Branding you can't wait to share.

Let’s clarify your core message and create a captivating visual identity so you can confidently boost the visibility of your business and connect with your ideal clients online.

Work with me

Brand consultant and designer, Lisa Furze

No more playing small. Let’s create a visual identity that helps you confidently take the stage and connect with new clients.

It starts with branding that’s a true reflection of your professionalism and the value you bring.

I’m Lisa and I help business owners craft messaging and visual designs that captures their passion and makes it visible to their audience. You deserve branding that helps you create the kind of business you dream of building.

Results from previous projects

Your 3-step roadmap to branding you feel excited about.

1. Complete brand clarity

Together, you and I map out the foundational pillars of your brand and identify that core message that will drive your business forward.

2. A fresh new logo and visual style

Next, we create a brand identity that communicates your personality and aligns with experience you want to deliver.

3. A simple, effective marketing funnel

Finally, we put your message and visuals into action so you can effectively generate leads and attract dream clients to your business.
The Branding Intro Workbook — free branding resource for business owners who want brand clarity and help defining the foundational pillars of their business.

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