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Brand consultant and designer, Lisa Furze

Here’s the thing:

Your target audience won’t see the value of your work, until you show it to them.

In the competitive online markets of today, it’s not enough to be good at what you do. To avoid being overlooked by your ideal client, you need to clearly express the value of your services with branding that’s a genuine reflection of what you’re all about.

Let’s strengthen your brand voice and visuals to match your level of professionalism.

  • Establish your credibility
  • Increase recognisability
  • Share your message

I loved how Lisa was able to pull together and define my business brand and values. I can’t wait to present my new look to the world.

Julie-Ann Wrightson, speaker & writer

The two things your branding needs, to get your audience excited.

1. A clear, concise brand voice

As an expert in your space, you have a unique perspective and valuable insights to share. Let’s put them into strong messaging that communicates exactly what your target audience needs to hear.

2. Captivating brand visuals

Logos, colours and graphics that expresses your personality and the quality of your work. With a style that perfectly suits your brand, you can deliver the precise experience you want your ideal clients to have.

I work 1-on-1 with service-based business owners to create branding that both they and their audience loves.

My name is Lisa and I have a question for you: What does your business look like at that next level? The business you’ll have once you hit those next few goals. Don’t wait. I want to help you reach it faster by creating branding that supports your vision.

Let’s bring your branding goals to life.

Sydney-based brand consultant and designer, Lisa Furze, helps service-based entrepreneurs to develop branding that truly expresses the value of what they do.

Working with passionate entrepreneurs, I've created results like this:

From start to finish, have your project taken care of by a professional who will take your business to new heights. Logo design and branding by Sydney graphic designer, Lisa Furze.

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We were so happy with how open and flexible Lisa was with us. Now we’re done, we’re proud of what we’ve accomplished!

Angie Bisset, Co-Founder, North of Nine Collective

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