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Rachel Schofield

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The goal

Parenting coach, Rachel Schofield, was looking to elevate her brand image to match the value of her expertise. It was important to her that while the upgraded brand identity was polished and professional, it needed to maintain a sense of approachability and relatability — and not be stuffy or corporate.


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Parenting coach brand messaging example
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The guiding star

Rachel’s new logo was designed to be open to interpretation, with various interpretations being highly relevant to her brand.

It can be read as a sun, reflecting her warmth and positivity — attributes that are clear and obvious from the moment you speak with her. It can also be a star or a compass, to represent the guidance she offers through her parenting advice and expertise. 

The logo also demonstrates a sense of connection, with bonds reaching out from a child to their parents, family, friends, teachers and all their other supports.

Highlighting play and adventure

Another key aspect of Rachel’s branding was balancing the children-related nature of her work, with a high sense of competence and knowledge. Her branding needed to reflect the flexible and playful aspects of working with kids, while maintaining a sense of strategy and skill.

To communicate this, we leaned on many hand-crafted elements, such as illustrative icons and markings, as well as painted textures and splashes.

Parenting coach brand personality traits
Parenting coach brand identity design
Parenting coach brand messaging example

The result

Rachel was thrilled with her new branding, and also felt she got to know her brand better through the process of working with me. She immediately began rolling out the new style across her business, with updates to products and lead magnets, as well as redesigning her website, so her audience could also enjoy the fresh, integrated look.

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Parenting coach brand messaging example
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