Bold and fun logo design for a product designer

SMG Labs

Bridging the gap between science and design.

The goal

Stephanie Greer, founder of SMG Labs, was looking to take control of her professional image in order to strengthen her business’s lead generation and gain quality clients.
SMG Labs works with  health companies as they develop digital products. As a designer with a background in neuroscience, Stephanie’s business takes a unique role of bridging the gap between science and design, and so it was crucial to communicate both smart creativity as well as research-driven thinking.


Brand strategy
Logo & identity design
Brand messaging

Visionary ideas x user-tested design
Brand imagery

“There’s power in bringing different styles of thinking together.”

SMG Labs

The approach

For SMG Lab’s new branding, Stephanie and I started with elements from her existing website, such as a cool green colour palette which we brightened up to add a friendly vibrancy. That fresh new vibe was further emphasised with the introduction of a bold orange accent colour that is now used on the logo and various icon designs that have become an integral part of the new branding.

Logo icon design
Brand messaging example
Brand colour palette of blue-greens and orange
Brand messaging example
Icon designs for discovery, design, validation, data, science and people
Brand personality traits
Product design brand style guide pages
Product designer brand purpose statement
SMG Labs logo design

“Lisa was very on target with the messaging and look from there which made the whole process easy.”

Stephanie Greer, Founder of SMG Labs

Brand identity and messaging for product design business
Lisa Furze, Sydney-based brand consultant & designer

Brand consultant & designer
Lisa Furze

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