NEO logo and tagline, designed by Lisa Furze


Executive leadership development for the forward-focused

The goal

Executive leadership development company, NEO, was looking to realign its branding to match its current values and direction, which had changed since the design of its previous identity in 2011. NEO puts its focus on innovative leadership and the development of effective collaboration, as well as the overarching importance of corporate social responsibility — points that needed to be communicated in NEO’s new visual identity.


Brand strategy
Logo & identity design
Tagline & messaging

NEO headline example
NEO supplementary mark construction, designed by Lisa Furze
NEO style guide layouts, designed by Lisa Furze
NEO style guide, created by Lisa Furze

The approach

The theme of water used in NEO’s brand identity has multiple meanings that are relevant to the company. Firstly, it links to environmental awareness that NEO highlights as a key ethical responsibility of leaders today. It also reflects NEO beliefs in leadership which are partly inspired by Eastern philosophies, in which water is a common metaphor for positive change. Water is fluid, responsive and flexible — attributes necessary for innovation and growth. This helps to communicates NEO’s mission to develop leaders that are prepared to adapt and face the challenges of today’s world.

NEO website designs on mobile, designed by Lisa Furze
NEO interior signage
NEO tagline, created by Lisa Furze
NEO brochure mockup, designed by Lisa Furze

Water flowing downhill adapts to the turns and twists it encounters, often taking odd paths or being momentarily interrupted, but always proceeding. Faced with an obstacle, water simply finds a solution, without force or conflict.

Adapted from Taoist philosophy

NEO website design by Lisa Furze

NEO helps organisations to create new value through innovative leadership.

NEO website design by Lisa Furze
NEO website design by Lisa Furze

Simple but expressive

The target market was identified as being world-wise and motivated, but also time-poor. As such, keeping the user experience streamlined and simple was a key consideration in the new branding. Everything from the logo to the website were parred back to their most minimal forms, whilst maintaining distinct design elements that tie the brand together and create a recognisable image.

NEO headline example
NEO website design by Lisa Furze
NEO primary logo design, created by Lisa Furze

“A great benefit was Lisa’s ability to translate the requirements into a design that fits the brand perfectly.”

Ben Ponne, Managing Director, NEO

Branding and web design for coaching company, NEO. Designed by Lisa Furze.
Lisa Furze, Sydney-based brand consultant & designer

Brand consultant & designer
Lisa Furze

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