Alissa Vreeland brand identity design case study

Alissa Vreeland

Connect with yourself, your experiences and your relationships.

The goal

As her business has grown and now encompasses a variety of offers, including courses and retreats, holistic psychotherapist Alissa Vreeland wanted her branding to have a stronger consistency and for her business to be united under a common message.


Brand strategy
Logo & identity design

Holistic psychotherapist brand purpose
Alissa Creeland, Holistic Psychotherapist logo design

Building on work already done

Alissa is active on social media and already had a lot of business assets that used an assortment of colours that spoke to her and felt aligned to the calm, laid-back and grounded approach she takes to her work.

Rather than completely overhaul her brand’s style and potentially eroding some of the connection and familiarity she’d built with her audience, we focused on tightening up her brand visuals and putting guidelines in place that she could cohesively apply moving forward.

Grounded and insightful

Before working with her, Alissa’s ideal client is someone who’s feeling anxious, lost and stuck in their head. And so, it was important that Alissa’s branding communicated an opposite effect — that by working together, she is able to help them feel self-assured, grounded and motivated.

From the earthy colours, to the calming imagery, the branding builds the image of a place people can come to in order to find a solution to their stress.

Holistic psychotherapist brand photography
Holistic psychotherapist messaging example
Holistic psychotherapist brand colour palette
Holistic psychotherapist brand style guide page examples
Holistic psychotherapist brand messaging example
Holistic psychotherapist brand photography

“I love what we’ve created! You took my ideas and turned them into something so much more beautiful. I also feel like I have stronger language to include in my copy.”

Alissa Vreeland, Holistic Psychotherapist

The result

Alissa’s new branding elevated the work she’d done already, giving her more command of her business’s image and a stronger ability to keep things consistent as she continues to grow her brand.

Holistic psychotherapist messaging example
Brand personality for holistic psychotherapist
Alissa Vreeland secondary logo design

“Your professionalism, patience, design skills, and ability to listen to clients and help them turn their words into copy that sells and into images that align with their brand.”

Alissa Vreeland, Holistic Psychotherapist

Brand identity design for holistic psychotherapist
Lisa Furze, Sydney-based brand consultant & designer

Brand consultant & designer
Lisa Furze

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