The Branding Intro Workbook — free branding resource for business owners who want brand clarity and help writing a brand message.

A step-by-step guide to building a brand

This detailed branding workbook will take your positioning and messaging from confusing to crystal-clear by guiding you through every crucial step towards a brand that perfectly suits your business and attracts all the right clients.

Every sustainable business NEEDS an engaging brand.

Differentiate your brand from all the others.

Establish your expertise, gain trust quickly, and tell your clients why you’d be a perfect match for their needs.

This resource will help you:

  • gain clarity on your purpose
  • work out what sets you apart from your competitors
  • understand exactly who your target market is
  • and put together a brand message that communicates it all.

Your digital download will be delivered instantly to your inbox so you can get started on building your brand straight away. Type directly into the PDF workbook on your computer, or print it out to scribble on if you’re a pen-and-paper kind of business-builder.

What's covered in this workbook:

Brand Purpose

Defining why your business exists and how it provides value.

Core Client

Describing the people your business serves right down to your most ideal client.


Discovering what makes you different and how to stand out from the crowd.

Core values

What your business believes in and finds most important.

Brand Personality

Adjectives to fit your brand and give your business a human touch.

Brand Message

Summing it all up in a clear statement that explains exactly what you do.

Lisa Furze, Sydney-based brand consultant & designer

Your brand consultant

Hey there! I’m Lisa Furze and I’m a brand consultant & designer who helps service-based entrepreneurs and business owners create clear, compelling branding so they can stand out and attract clients that are a perfect fit for them.

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Learn how to develop captivating branding for your service-based business with this free 12-page PDF workbook. Subscribe for your free download.
This 12-page guide will take you step-by-step through the process of building a stand-out brand for your service-based business. Subscribe to receive your free PDF download.