Is your business ready for a professionally-designed brand identity?

If you're planning to get some professional help for creating the visual identity for your brand — try this quiz first!Okay, so your business has been in a pretty good place for a while. Or maybe you’re just getting started. Whatever the case, you’re seriously considering the option of bringing in a professional designer to take care of the creation of a your brand identity. You’ve read about all the benefits of branding. You know how essential it is if you want your business to grow and succeed. This is the right step for your business, right now.


Well, probably! If you’ve thought about it and are pretty sure this is the best thing for your business, then I definitely recommend starting a conversation with a designer about where you want your brand to be. BUT I also know there actually is such a thing as jumping in too early, when it comes to investing in a professional brand identity.

As a guide to help you determine whether your business is at a point where hiring a professional to create your visual branding makes sense, I’ve put together this little quiz. Hope it helps you with your decision!

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Are you thinking it's time to consider getting your brand identity designed by a professional? Or maybe you're still on the fence? Take this quick quiz to find out if your business is ready!Last thoughts

I hope this quiz has help you make some decisions about your business and its branding! You should also check out my Core Brand Pillars workbook. No matter what stage of business you’re at, you can get some valuable insights by filling it out.

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