How using consistent branding will grow your business

Here's how using consistent branding helps to strengthen the relationship with your customers, and grow your business.Consistency in branding is vital for the success of any business — big or small. I’ve written previously about the importance of branding, as a way to differentiate your business from the competition and to connect with your audience.

Consistency is the way that you ensure the brand you are building does its work for you. It’s through repetition that your brand will create a loyal following, and build strong brand equity.

Here are some of the ways using consistent branding will grow your business.

Using consistent branding builds trust and loyalty

If your customers know what to expect from your business, and you deliver on what you promise every time, that builds valuable trust in your customers. And building trust is a key part of growing customer loyalty. This means providing a desirable and expected experience through everything from customer service, the quality of your products, and the way it is presented and delivered.

Customers notice right away when something doesn’t look or feel right. Like if the logo on some packaging is pixellated and warped. Or a link leads a customer to a page that doesn’t look like the rest of your website. Or an image on your business’s Instagram account with a caption that sounds totally off from your usual brand voice… And this is when confusion and distrust are formed, and your audience wonders whether it’s worth sticking around, or buying from you.

Your customers want something from your business, and as long as your branding is consistently on point, your brand becomes a part of something that matters to them.

Using consistent branding creates awareness of your business

Using consistent branding is good for marketing. A strong visual identity allows current customers AND potential customers to recognise your business, and connect your brand with the services and products that they desire. All your marketing efforts, whether through ads, social media, emailing, etc. should always be supported by using consistent branding.

The tone of voice, visual identity and values that are evident when interacting with your audience should be steadfast and unchanging. This lets your audience develop a sense of who you are, what your brand is all about, and also greatly improves brand equity in the long run.

Using consistent branding establishes your professionalism

Consistency looks dependable, and dependable is awesome — both for building customer trust and confirming your business’s professionalism. People are more brand savvy today than ever before, and there’s an expectation that businesses take a holistic approach to their brand. If a customer encounters something that feels “off-brand”, it makes the business look unprepared, or maybe as though they just don’t care enough.

Being consistent tells your audience that you are committed to your brand values and to delivering exactly what they expect. It shows them that your business takes its goals seriously, and is focused on maintaining a high standard for its customers. You can also continue building on the successes that your business has already achieved. Everything becomes part of one, solid brand story. 

Using consistent branding helps you connect with your audience

A consistent voice and look personalises your business and creates something your audience can get to know. This helps your business to interact with them on a more meaningful level. It’s hard for people to connect with a business, but branding helps to build a more emotional side to business, through a brand story, personality and tone. But just like when connecting with real people, inconsistency will make a business feel inauthentic and ingenuine. It goes right back to whether customers feel like they can trust your business.

Although your business will grow and the marketing tactics you use evolve, your branding should remain consistent. If your customers feel like they really know what your brand is all about, and have good, positive perceptions of your business, then you can grow strong, emotional relationships with them.

Ensuring your brand is consistent

So now you know exactly why consistency in your branding is key. What can you do to make sure your own brand is consistent? Some tips:

  • Have well-defined brand values that are available to you and everyone on your team
  • Use a style guide
  • Have high-quality logo files, images etc. and be ready to provide them to designers or anyone else who needs them to create brand collateral
  • Don’t up and change your brand identity suddenly because you’ve grown bored with the colours or the look of your logo. Instead, be creative with your marketing as a way to keep things fresh and impactful.

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Here's how maintaining consistency in your visual identity will help your business to grow, connect with your audience, and establish a stand-out visual brand.Last thoughts

After taking the time, money and energy to create a strong brand, you don’t want to let the effort go to waste by being inconsistent. Consistency with branding is key to the success of any businesses, so it’s definitely something to take seriously. Always be sure that everything you put out into the world fits in with your brand image!

What do you do to keep your brand consistent?

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