6 quick tips for writing a tagline that inspires your clients

Here are 6 quick tips on how to write a tagline that will express what you do and support your brand.Okay, grab some paper and a pen, roll over a whiteboard or open a new doc on your laptop. Whatever gets your creative brainwaves going, because we’re going to through tips for writing tagline that motivates your clients to use your business.

Your tagline (or slogan) is a short, memorable description of what your business is about. Taglines are often used in marketing and can become a key part of a brand. They can help clarify your business to potential clients, be used for dramatic effect, or give your brand more personality.

For such a short piece of text, they can be pretty tricky to get just right though! So to help you out, I’ve put together these 6 quick tips for writing a tagline that I hope will make it easier for you!

1. Take a look at your brand message

This is something you should have put together early on in your branding process. If that’s something you’re still working on, why not take a look at my complete guide for creating a brand that suits your business perfectly.

In your brand message, you outline your business’s values and aims, and contain some useful keywords that you can consider using in your tagline. Some keywords might be what your products are exactly, who they’re for, and why they’re beneficial. Jot those down.

2. Be succinct

Your tagline should be simple and short. No room for fluff here — the fewer words the better, and the easier it is for clients to remember. Since it’s such a small space, you want to focus on just one or two main points that you want to highlight about your business.

3. Focus on what makes your business unique

As for what to highlight? Make it something that allows you to stand out from the crowd. There’s no use using a tagline that is just as applicable to your competition. Focus on what makes you different. Is it something about the product itself? Is it who the product is for? When it can be used? Where it can be used?

4. Don’t be generic

Especially for new businesses who aren’t yet known by your clients, it’s important that your tagline helps them understand what you do. Don’t try to mimic the broad, aspirational kinds of taglines that come from huge companies like Apple (“Think different”), or L’Oreal (“Because you’re worth it”), who have spent millions in building strong brands. You probably can’t compete with that right now. Instead, let your tagline be descriptive and to-the-point.

5. Make it about your clients

Use your tagline as an opportunity to reinforce that your product or service exists to help your clients, and this is why they need it. Remember who your target market is, and make a reference to them in your tagline.

6. Add some creativity

If you can include something a little clever or creative, it can make your tagline far more enduring. Maybe you can make a reference to your business name, or use words or phrases that have double meanings. Although not necessary, something that gives your audience a little extra to think about can help your brand be memorable.

How to define your business and perfectly capture the important details for your tagline.Last thoughts

Don’t lose sleep over your tagline. On its own, a tagline likely won’t make or break your business. The best a tagline can do is support and strengthen your business by being a true-to-your-brand element that seamlessly fits in with all the other elements of your branding.

Consider the 6 tips for writing a tagline outlined above, make sure your tagline goes well with your business name and fits your business’s tone of voice, and you’ll be good to go!

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