6 tips for designing your lead magnet quiz

Must-have tips to keep in mind as you create your lead magnet quiz, so you can generate high-quality leads for your business.

I love the idea of using quizzes as a lead magnet for your business. Not only is a lead magnet quiz a great way to engage with your audience, but they can yield some really useful insight that you can use to further grow your brand.

Here are some tips for designing a quiz that’ll help you bring in leads for your service-based business.

1. Make sure the quiz aligns with your services

This goes for any lead magnet, right? You want to be attracting an audience made up of people who are likely to be good candidates for your offers. So, it’s important for the topic of your lead magnet quiz to be an appropriate match for your services.

You might think about the obstacles your ideal client struggles with, prior to working with you. Build a quiz that promises to help them find an answer to solve that obstacle, or at least point them in the right direction so they know what steps they can take next. 

And be sure to tell them what that next step should be! Use the quiz to help your target audience recognise your services as a solution to help them achieve the result they’re chasing.

2. Create your quiz results before your quiz questions

Your quiz results are key to its success as a lead magnet for your business. Think about what frame of mind you want to place your quiz-takers in, now that they’ve joined your community. The point of a quiz is that there are several different possible results for quiz-takers to get. You want to decide what those results are going to be before you create the questions that will lead to them.

And remember that not everyone who takes your quiz will be a good fit for your services, right now. Although you do want to guide people towards your services if they’re right and ready for them, you can’t assume everyone is going to be at that point in their journey. Maybe they need to do a little more work at their end before they’re in a place where they can get the out out of your offer. You can create quiz results to help them see that. Or maybe they’re not an ideal client at all! 

What’s great about quizzes is that you can segment the leads you get, based on the quiz results they achieve. And not only can you speak to those leads differently, but your leads themselves can use the results to self-qualify as well.

3. Segment your leads

If you start using a quiz as a lead magnet, you not only want to make sure the quiz creation tool that will integrate with your email marketing platform, but will also allow you to tag those leads in some way based on the quiz result they get.

Basically, a tool like Interact can segment your leads into different lists or groups, so you can send more personalised emails to those different categories of leads. Personalisation can take you a long way, when it comes to building a relationship with your audience (and, therefore, growing your brand). 

If you’ve designed insightful questions, then you have the opportunity to gain some really valuable information about the people who are joining your community. Use that information to make your communication even more specific and catered to meet your leads where they’re at.

4. Keep your quiz short and sweet

You don’t want your quiz to feel like a questionnaire. Questionnaires are boring and tedious. Quizzes should be fun!

A rough guide is to keep your quiz to around 5—7 questions and for each of those questions to have 4 or 5 short answers to choose from. Remember that for a quiz-taker to answer a question they’ll want to read all of the answers before they can pick the one they think fits them best. If every single answer is a full sentence or there are 10 answers to pick from, that can quickly become a lot of work — just to respond to one question.

Make it easy for your quiz-takers. You’re more likely to get completions and leads that way.

5. Test your quiz on different devices

Some people will use their computer, others are likely to be on their phone or tablet. Make sure your quiz is functioning properly on each of them AND that your leads are getting hooked up to your email marketing system properly as well.

6. Make the lead capture optional

Okay, this one’s more of a personal preference. But I don’t think it’s fair to ask someone to spend some time taking a quiz only lock their answer behind a gate that they can’t get past unless they give you their email. That can feel underhanded or even manipulative, and isn’t a great way to start a relationship with a potential client. 

Instead, give your quiz-takers the opportunity to opt in if they’re interested in learning more. After all, you only want high-quality leads, right? It’s not about volume! And you can make the opt-in more attractive by offering an incentive (Interact, again, makes this easy).

On my brand personality quiz, opting in at the end has always been optional. But about 40.8% of people who complete the quiz choose to join my email list, easily making it one of my highest converting lead magnets.

6 tips for designing a lead magnet quiz so you can generate high quality leads and gain clients for your service-based business.Last thoughts

If you haven’t already, I hope you’ll give quizzes a go, as a lead magnet! If you do, keep these 6 tips in mind and I’m sure you’ll be well on the way to creating a valuable marketing tool for your business. Although it does take a bit of time to create and set up your quiz, I think the quality of the leads you gain, as well as the insights they bring, make it well-worth it. 

Want to see a lead magnet quiz in action? Check out my brand personality quiz.

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