How to use quizzes to grow your email list and learn about your audience

Learn how you can uses quizzes to grow your email list with an audience who is engaged and wants to hear what you have to say We all know that our customers/clients are the key to whether or not our business will flourish, or scrape by, or fail to gain traction at all. Knowing who our audience is and being able to engage with them is what divides a successful business from a struggling one. So! In this post, I’m covering tool you can use to help you connect with YOUR ideal audience, learn more about them, and best of all, grow that all-important email list.

The tool? Quizzes. And here’s how they’ll work for you.

So, why quizzes?

I’m sure you’re familiar with online quizzes and how they work. Answer a few questions and get a result of some kind. I remember playing with them even back in high school, with such gems as “What fruit are you?” (strawberry, for the record). These days Buzzfeed has quizzes on almost every topic imaginable.

There are a few great points about quizzes that make them good content for your website.

  • They’re highly sharable — A person who completes a quiz might want to share their result with others, or even to find out what the results of their friends would be.
  • They keep visitors engaged — Being able to interact with an element on your website is a great way to keep viewers interested in your content. Having your website visitors remain on your page for longer is also good for SEO as it reduces your bounce rate.
  • They’ll help you make targeted offers to your traffic — You can use the quiz results to segment your audience for you, and then drive each segment to their most appropriate offer.

Learn about your customers

One reason why people love quizzes is that they love to learn about themselves. Finding out the result for a particular quiz can be really fun way to gain some insight. And in order to get that result, they’re happy to answer questions about themselves and share personal thoughts. And THAT is super valuable for you.

As long as your quiz topics are relevant to your niche, the way your viewers answer the quiz questions will offer you a tonne of information, such as what they want to achieve, what they already know, and what their preferences are.

Lead generation

Quizzes are very effective for converting page visitors into leads. Unlike your regular opt-in download which gives the same information to everyone, quizzes allow for more personalised feedback. This makes them more attractive to viewers, as well as giving you the opportunity to cater each result to maximise your chance of generating leads.

The fact that quizzes are interactive and sharable also makes them great lead generators. Well-designed quizzes that are built with your niche in mind will also give you high-quality leads. The types of questions you ask, and the results your quiz-takers get help to evaluate whether they’re the right sort of person that your business can help.

Quick recommendation: Interact

Finding a decent quiz builder is surprisingly hard, I’ve found. Most tend to be a little difficult to use and have clumsy interfaces, or they look hideous, or they just don’t come with the options needed to make good use of them as a lead generation tool.

One quiz builder I CAN recommend is Interact. Although I still wish there were a few more customisation options in turns of the appearance of the quiz (things like font sizes and image sizes), Interact more than makes up for it with its powerful features for marketing integration and analytics.

Interact has a completely free version that you can try out, but if you’re looking for the option of adding email capture, you’ll need to look at their paid versions. You can always give their 14-day trial period a go.

Find out what makes quizzes great for lead generation, and how you can use them to quickly build an email list of people who want to hear from you!Last thoughts

So, if you’re looking for a new method of catching leads and engaging with your website viewers, then definitely give quizzes a go. Be sure to create quizzes that are appropriate for your target audience, and design the questions to offer you as much valuable information as possible. Good luck!

Do you use quizzes on your website? Let me know of any recommendations you have!

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