Your quiz result

Your brand personality is
refined & stylish.

A high-end brand that embraces the present.

You’re a brand that’s all about living life to the fullest and creating enjoyment. Your business shines in the spotlight, and is also amazing at turning that spotlight onto your clients and helping them reach their highest heights.

You’re incredible when it comes to refining your business and incrementally improving every aspect of your brand. Your audience loves to make new discoveries along-side you, and sharing in your mission of elevating and transforming lives.

Your brand personality quiz result is refined and stylish!

Design suggestions

The Modern Fair alternate logo design, created by Lisa Furze
The Modern Fair business cards, design by Lisa Furze
The Modern Fair colour palette, by Lisa Furze
The Modern Fair stationery design, by Lisa Furze

Project spotlight

This is an example of a branding project that fits this type of personality. Click here to check out the full case study!

Your brand personality strengths

01. Passion for the everyday

You’re not afraid to encourage your audience to indulge in things that make them happy, each day. Because, after all, what is life without those things?

02. A mind for detail

Your attention to even the smallest aspects of your brand experience truly sets your business apart.

03. Championing quality

You hold both your business and its audience to high standards and carefully qualify your clients before you take them on, so you can focus on producing high-quality results.up

Make this personality all yours.

Here are closely aligned traits that you can also consider in describing your brand personality. My suggestion is to have three distinct traits that collectively describe the voice and tone of your brand.

And don’t be afraid of branching out to some other unique traits that highlight the interesting or quirky sides of your brand! Those are the kind of traits that make your brand feel truly one-of-a-kind.



















Project spotlight

This is another example of a branding project that fits this type of personality. Click here to check out the full case study!

The Distilled Brand secondary logo
Brand colour palette for brand message consultancy
The Distilled Brand messaging and visual identity
Line graphics for brand identity design

Why you need to share more of that personality

It helps people feel more connected. 

Humans like connecting with humans. And the thing that makes us human is the fact that we cook our food… Oh, and also our personalities. We may be talking about businesses but guess what? Businesses are made of people! Let that shine through in the voice of your brand and the experience you deliver.

You’ll stand out more.

The purpose of branding is to differentiate your business from others in your industry. Just as two people doing the same job can make very different impacts based on their attitudes, the same is true for brands.

It’ll make your business more exciting. 

A business on its own can be kinda dry and uninspiring. Personality — a foundational pillar of your brand — breathes life into your business and help it make more of an impact. This is also great for building awareness and recognisability of your business.

Sydney-based brand consultant and designer, Lisa Furze, helps service-based entrepreneurs to develop branding that truly expresses the value of what they do.

Your brand personality is one of three foundational pillars of an impactful brand.

The unique combination of your brand pillars will set your business apart and attract YOUR ideal clients.

Continue defining your brand with the Core Brand Pillars Workbook.

So, how do you integrate your brand personality into your business?

In your messaging.

This is the way your brand “speaks”, such as on your website or in your marketing.

Add personality through:

  • your word choice
  • your sense of humour and the jokes you use
  • the way you talk about the goals of your audience
  • the way you talk about the mission of your brand

In your visual branding.

The visuals associated with your brand has a big impact on the impression you give to your audience.

Add personality through:

  • your logo design
  • your brand palette
  • the type of images you use
  • the typefaces you choose and the way you implement them
  • additional graphic elements, like patterns, illustrations and textures
Lisa Furze, Sydney-based brand consultant & designer

Wondering whose advice you're hearing?

Hi! I’m Lisa Furze (“furs” like what my cat, Pixel, leaves all over the place) and I’m a brand consultant and designer who works with business owners to craft compelling branding that showcases the amazing value of their work and strengthens the visibility of their businesses online.

I know that brand personality is a key ingredient in developing a brand that truly resonates with your audience, and hope this quiz has helped you define yours!

But don’t stop there… 

Your brand personality is one of three core pillars that lays the foundation of your brand. To continue defining what your brand stands for and how to show up in a way that will most impact your ideal clients, download my FREE branding workbook and learn what your unique combination of brand traits are.