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Embodied Trauma Therapy

Break free and emerge as the person you’re meant to be.

The goal

The founder of Embodied Trauma Therapy, Donna Hunter, wanted to create a consistent, overarching message of hope that she could express through the branding of her new business.

As someone who works so intimately with her clients, it was important to Donna that her new branding helped her build the trust of her audience and established her professionalism and authority in her field.


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Messaging for therapy brand
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The approach

During our strategy session together, I was delighted to hear how beautifully Donna was able to use metaphors and analogies to express her thoughts and explain the concepts of her business.
In that vein, we’ve used various visual references to represent the experience of her audience, such as the idea of emerging and traveling through water to represent moving forward from trauma and overcoming the weight that we can feel holding us down, and the butterfly shape of the new logo, to link to the idea of transformation.

The result

The new branding for Embodied Trauma Therapy expresses the brand’s calm, protective nature with its serene colour palette and clear brand message that positions Donna as a trusted guide for those in need of trauma therapy.

Its imagery and wording communicates a message of hope and the ability of the brand’s audience to find their inner light and step into the confident and whole person they were always meant to be.

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Messaging for therapy brand
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“Because you’re ready to say, ‘I can do this’.”

Embodied Trauma Therapy

Identity design and messaging for trauma therapy brand
Lisa Furze, Sydney-based brand consultant & designer

Brand consultant & designer
Lisa Furze

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