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Thulasi Mohanadas

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The goal

As she launched her own business, uniquely combining coaching and therapy, London-based Business Psychologist, Thulasi Mohanadas, wanted a strong foundation that would accurately convey the experience and expertise she brought with her (over 16 years of it!).

Being new to business, Thulasi wanted to find greater clarity in her image and message so she could confidently move forward in connecting with clients and growing her brand.


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Thulasi Mohanadas business psychologist website
Business psychologist website design approach

A balance of attributes

A common thread in Thulasi’s client testimonials was mention of her deep compassion and ability to create a safe space. And alongside her thoughtful care is a strong conviction to stand up for her clients and provoke real growth and change for the better.

In this, and many other ways, Thulasi’s new branding had to strike a careful balance that would ultimately connect with her ideal client and meet the expectations of professionalism of her industry.

The holy basil motif

Thulasi’s name comes from a type of herb (also know as the holy basil) that is known for its healing properties of clearing the mind and relieving stress —  which made it a perfect symbol for both Thulasi as an individual and the nature of her work.

We created a stylised thulasi icon that was incorporated into Thulasi’s primary logo, and could also be used as a standalone mark.

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“I had no idea someone could take my jumbled about thoughts and make them sound so succinct and clear! It was a really personal self discovery process.”

Thulasi Mohanadas

The result

Through our collaborative effort, we created branding that would accurately convey her deep compassion and ability to create safe spaces for her client, as well as something that “just felt like it represented ‘me’.”

Thulasi Mohanadas monogram
Business psychologist website design
Thulasi Mohanadas primary logo design

“With Lisa, you get to work with someone who is highly professional, competent and creative at their job, and genuinely cares for their clients’ success”

Thulasi Mohanadas

Business psychologist personal brand identity design
Lisa Furze, Sydney-based brand consultant & designer

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Lisa Furze

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