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Marja Fox Consulting

Management consulting for executives who aren’t interested in wasting time.

The goal

Business consultant, Marja Fox, was making the big shift from operating her own business as a “hobby” to taking it seriously and committing to getting in front of her ideal clients.

She wanted a professional and high-level image that accurately conveyed the value of her work and would express the kind of person she was to work with.


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Hands-on and flexible

Marja is truly a dynamic force who can come into a client’s project and play the roles needed to get the desired outcome. She’s also someone who recognises the value of enjoying her work and making things fun for her clients as well.

I wanted her branding to feel vibrant and playful, with imagery that convey creative problem-solving and how the road to results can get messy — but that’s not something to be afraid of.

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Business consultant brand messaging example
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The result

Marja was able to implement her new brand voice and visuals in her website right away, creating a polished and professional image that also spoke to her bright character.

The bold geometric pattern alludes to her fun and creative process, whilst also linking back to her new logo, which fuses the initials of her name.

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Visual brand identity design for business consultant, Marja Fox
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