Julie-Ann Wrightson logo design

Julie-Ann Wrightson

Writer and speaker on food intolerances and digestive health

The goal

In preparation for her upcoming book on tackling digestive issues and dealing with food intolerances, Julie-Ann Wrightson was looking for branding that would help her establish her professionalism and authority as an expert.
Funny, charismatic and with the amazing ability to talk to anyone and draw them into her stories, Julie-Ann needed personal branding that would be a genuine reflection of who she is as a person. Her branding had to be an extension of herself, so she could reach more people and build a community around her message.


Brand strategy
Logo & identity design
Tagline & messaging

Julie-Ann Wrightson messaging

The approach

Through the initial strategy session, we clarified her brand attributes and Julie-Ann delighted in identifying “sparkle” as one of the most important distinguishing core values that we would communicate through her branding.
Together, we created branding that would speak to her audience and showcase her professionalism and personality. The side of her that could be overly dramatic for the sake of humour and captivating story-telling. The authority she brings, from her expertise in the field and her lifetime of personal experiences with food intolerance.
Julie-Ann Wrightson brand personality
Julie-Ann Wrightson logo symbol, designed by Lisa Furze

Delightful designs

Julie-Ann came to me with an idea for a symbol made of a crossed knife and fork. Almost like a skull and crossbones motif, it linked to both the food and digestion aspect of her work, as well as subtly referencing the danger and the battles that her audience faced every day.
We took it a step further by incorporating her initials into the mark — creating a delightful surprise for those who took a careful look.
Julie-Ann Wrightson messaging example by Lisa Furze
Julie-Ann Wrightson brand purpose statement
Julie-Ann Wrightson colour palette, designed by Lisa Furze
Julie-Ann Wrightson tagline
Julie-Ann Wrightson brand style guide page layouts, designed by Lisa Furze
Julie-Ann Wrightson layout and messaging example, by Lisa Furze
Julie-Ann Wrightson author logo, designed by Lisa Furze

“I loved how Lisa was able to pull together and define my business brand and values. I can’t wait to present my new look to the world.”

Julie-Ann Wrightson

Julie-Ann Wrightson author brand identity design, created by Lisa Furze
Lisa Furze, Sydney-based brand consultant & designer

Brand consultant & designer
Lisa Furze

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