Brand purpose and positioning

Alicia Berberich

For direct response copywriting that energises your audience.

The goal

Alicia was looking to upgrade her branding to a level that would capture the impact and energy of the work she does as a copywriter, as well as the bold and lively personality she herself brings to her client relationships.

The new branding needed to bring unity and consistency to Alicia’s business, and help her ideal clients immediately connect with the value of what she offers.


Brand strategy
Logo & identity design
Tagline & messaging

Alicia Berberich primary logo design
Core brand values for copywriter
Monogram design

The approach

As an established business, Alicia already had various business assets that needed to tie into her new branding. That included her published book, “Power Up Your Productivity”, branded photographs and other marketing material.

We used these assets as a foundation to direct the new design, for example by keeping the primary accent colour as a bold and striking red — a colour that perfectly suited Alicia.

Communicating action

Alicia’s brand is all about high energy, confidence and motivating action. Not only does she help her clients move forward with their business with new momentum, but the copy she provides to them inspires the same for their audiences.
The new brand imagery emphasises the desired outcome — celebration and forward movement — as well as expressing who Alicia is as a person.
The result is exciting branding that captures attention and emboldens clients to take that next step with conviction.
Brand photo
Brand messaging example
Style guide pages for copywriter brand identity design
Brand personality traits
Brand positioning and messaging
Brand photo
Brand colour palette
Direct response copy that energises your audience

“I loved how Lisa was able to pull together and define my business brand and values. I can’t wait to present my new look to the world.”

Julie-Ann Wrightson

Freelance copywriter brand identity design
Lisa Furze, Sydney-based brand consultant & designer

Brand consultant & designer
Lisa Furze

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