Branding and web design to establish your authority and show your target audience the value you can provide.

You don’t just want beautiful styling — you want to create a compelling experience that leads your ideal client towards your offer.

Right now your online presence feels a bit like a patchwork quilt without a consistent voice and look.

No matter how much value you provide to your clients, the only way anyone will know it is if you SHOW it to them.

Website mockup for interior designer

You need branding that's a real reflection of what you're all about and a website that compellingly invites people into your world.

Here's how it works.

1. We start with strategy

Where do you want to lead your potential client? Let’s build a website that actually serves the business you own.

2. We define your message

Let’s choose the right words to go on your website so your visitors know everything they need to know.

3. We design a style to match

Your ideal client will know they’re in the right place at a glance with visual branding that perfectly suits your business.

Your brand consultant and designer.

I’m Lisa Furze (furs, like what my cat leaves on all my clothes) and here’s why I do what I do:
I see so many service-based business owners who are just incredible at what they do. They give so much value to their clients and truly care about the impact they’re making. They want to do more of it and reach more people. But that part can be hard.
Right now, it’s not just about being good at your work. You need to be able to communicate that to the world and, not just catch, but hold the attention of your target audience.
Sydney-based brand consultant and designer, Lisa Furze, helps service-based entrepreneurs to develop branding that truly expresses the value of what they do.
Collaborative brand developement with brand consultant & designer, Lisa Furze

And that's something I can help with.

That’s the value I know I can offer. It’s never been more important to have a strong online presence and use it to express the quality of your business. 

Your website is the window that allows people to peek into your world and see what you can do for them. The impression you make there matters. And I’d love to help you turn it into the kind of experience that you can’t wait to share with more people.

Loved working with Lisa and getting the outcome. She was patient with me and very professional in her approach while we were working to hone in on the messaging.

Hala Batainah, CEO, Humanosity

The Branding and Web Design Package has everything you need to refresh your brand and get it up and running online so you can share it with your audience.

Branding and Web Design Package inclusions

2-Hour Strategy Session

An intensive workshop to identify your brand purpose, core values and brand personality.

Logo Designs

Your primary, secondary and icon logo designs, carefully crafted to suit your brand.

Full Identity System

Colour palette, typography, imagery, textures, patterns… any elements your brand needs.

Website copywriting

Development of your brand voice and the words to go on your new website.

Web page designs

Creation of your website using your new logo, fonts colours and words. (Up to 5 pages in the standard package.)

WordPress build

Development of your website on WordPress or your preferred platform.

Marketing integration

Integration of your email marketing or appointment schedulers.


A walkthrough of your website over Zoom to show you how to update and maintain it.

Email & Zoom support

Get my thoughts and advice on anything related to branding throughout the time we work together.

6 months tech support

Starting from the launch of your site in case something stops working!

Social Media Template

BONUS template design for your social media platform of choice (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc).

Marketing strategy

BONUS guide to the exact marketing strategies I’m currently using in my business to grow my audience.

Payment Plan

3 payments of
AU$2990/ month



1 payment of
AU$8970 AU$7990

Rates are listed in Australian Dollars. Be sure to check what that looks like in your local currency!

Book your free call with me to discuss your project and see if this package would the right fit to help you reach your goals.

Here's a peek at some logos, branding and websites I've worked on.

Business psychologist website design
NEO website designs on mobile, designed by Lisa Furze
DMoose brand mission statement
Brand messaging example
Youdaimonia restaurant primary logo design, by Lisa Furze
Marja Fox Consulting brand identity design
Home health app mockup
Julie-Ann Wrightson layout and messaging example, by Lisa Furze
Home health app style guide page
Style guide pages
Chamre website design, by Lisa Furze
NEO website design by Lisa Furze
North of Nine Collective style guide layout designs, by Lisa Furze
Julie-Ann Wrightson author logo, designed by Lisa Furze
DMoose website page, designed by Lisa Furze
North of Nine Collective submark designs, created by Lisa Furze
North of Nine Collective colour palette, created by Lisa Furze
Brand message consultant logo design

I was surprised and pleased about the depth that we went into about brand personality and messaging before even starting the design process. Lisa’s thorough process is one that I believe will result in the most accurate expression of your personal or company vision.

Brock Lister, CEO, Visitry

Find out if this branding and web design package is right for your business!

By booking this complimentary and completely obligation-free call, we’ll have a chance to discuss your business, clarify your website needs, and see if this we’d be a good fit to work together.

You can check out the package inclusions and pricing first above!

Can’t see a time that suits?

Please reach out if you can’t see slots that suit your time zone as I’m happy to be flexible. Email me at

Frequently Asked Questions

When would my project begin?

Most of the time, your project can be scheduled to start within the next month. If you’re not ready to begin that soon, no problem! We can discuss the best future start date to suit your business during your free call.

How long will the process take?

While the timeline can vary quite a lot, if all goes smoothly you can see your website go live in about 8-10 weeks.

Designing branding that truly fits like a glove and a website that will be an asset to your business takes careful thought and time. It’s not something I want to rush! The most important thing is the result. I expect the work we do together to serve your business for years, and it deserves to be crafted with care and patience.

Where are you located? Can we still work together if I’m in a different city/country?

I’m located in Sydney, Australia and love to work with my fellow Aussies, but also have regular clients in North America, Europe, New Zealand and Asia.

A lot of the collaboration between me and my clients happens over email, making it easy to navigate different time zones. I also provide the option of connecting over Zoom whenever it’s helpful to catch up over a call.

I’m not sure I need a website yet. Can we just work on my logo, visual identity and messaging first?

Absolutely! I actually have a branding package that does exactly that. You can find the details by clicking here.

Is this package flexible? Can I add to it?

It is flexible! Every business owner’s website needs are different and in this package I’ve covered what I believe are the foundational pieces needed to create something that will bring the most value to your business. However, it could easily be that it’s missing something that would be vital to your unique circumstances. Feel free to bring it up during your free call!

I have more questions. How can I reach you?

The best way of learning more about my process and seeing if this branding and web design package would be a good fit your your business and goals is to book a free call with me. I’m more than happy to answer your queries and discuss options with you.

If you want to shoot me some quick questions first though, you can also reach me at

Ready to get started?

Lisa was able to pull a lot out of the initial strategy session and built so much from that. She was very on target with the messaging and look from there which made the whole process easy.

Stephanie Greer, Founder, SMG Labs

Let's create the website of your dreams!

The best thing a client has ever said to me is that working on their branding had renewed their excitement about building their business.

It’s easy to get caught up on the sameness of our day-to-day and feel that things are good enough. (I do it myself all the time.)

But if there’s a part of you that’s ready for something fresh and wants to shake things up and elevate and grow, then I’d be so thrilled to be part of that with you.