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This is The Branding Companion.

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If you were ever confused about putting a brand strategy together, choosing your core values, selecting colours and typefaces or anything else, this book has the whole process covered.

Here's some of what's inside.


Explanations of all the important branding terms, such as “brand equity” and the difference between a “brand” and “branding”.

Common Mistakes

How to avoid the branding pitfalls that far too many business owners make when building a brand.

Brand Strategy

Learn the exact approach that I take with my clients, to build a goal-driven brand that gets results.

Identity Systems

The importance of developing a visual language to communicate your brand to your ideal audience with logos, colours and typography.

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A few lovely words from people who've purchased the book.

“I loved this book. I felt clarity while reading and could truly relate to the content. I am a sucker for organization and this book gave me the tools to organize my own thoughts and start working on my dream business.”

Your ebook explained what I could not — the pieces, how they fit, why you need them, and the importance of not just doing it right but doing it in the right order. We couldn’t put the book down (so to speak) — we’re both feeling super energised and excited about the branding journey and the many things you’ve given us to think about and nail down.”

“I want to say a big THANK YOU for such a concise, and precise message about the importance of branding, and building a strong foundation of meaning and values.”

Thank you Lisa for the guide and all the knowledge you have been sharing. Just wanted to let you know that you influenced me to pivot my career a bit. YAY!!”
“The Branding Companion was fantastic, Lisa has a beautiful way of presenting information that is easy to read yet packed full of nourishment! I’m so glad I grabbed this guide along with workbook as I gained so much understanding from it.”
Branding PDF for small business owners who want to create a brand that makes their business stand out and attract customers.
The Branding Companion gives you everything you need to know about branding (and skips the stuff you don’t) so that you can confidently build a winning brand for your business.

$30.00 (AUD)

Get it now for $7