Do you want to elevate your business and improve its visibility by being more intentional with your branding?

If that’s a yes, then that’s great! Getting intentional with your branding and presenting a polished, cohesive image is an amazing way to advance your business to the next level.

BUT maybe you’re feeling stuck because:

Well, that’s why I wrote The Branding Companion.

It’s a comprehensive but easy-to-digest ebook and guide to all things branding. I’ve included only the stuff that’s truly helpful.

No tangents. No fluff.

Just a plan of action in a friendly, conversational tone so that not only will you learn about branding, you’ll also know how to implement it.

Here's some of what's inside.


Explanations of all the important branding terms, such as “brand equity” and the difference between a “brand” and “branding”.

Common Mistakes

How to avoid the branding pitfalls that far too many business owners make when building a brand.

Brand Strategy

Learn the exact approach that I take with my clients, to build a goal-driven brand that gets results.

Identity Systems

The importance of developing a visual language to communicate your brand to your ideal audience with logos, colours and typography.

Branding PDF for small business owners who want to create a brand that makes their business stand out and attract customers.

The Branding Companion

Instant PDF download

The comprehensive, all-in-one branding resource for small business owners, so you can get clarity on your direction and discover the steps you need to take to get your branding where you want it to be.

$30.00 (AUD)