Ready to visibly transform your business?

I’m currently offering FREE clarity sessions where you can discover the 4 key elements you need to craft a brand message that truly resonates with your target market.

This free session is perfect for you if you’re:

  • a coach, freelancer, or any other type of service-based entrepreneur
  • currently working with clients but want to gain more
  • want to attract higher-paying clients or to raise your prices
  • struggling to find ways to position your business uniquely in the market

Our call will last about 40 minutes, during which map out the steps you can take to close the gap between where your branding is now to where it needs to be so that the value of what you do is unmistakable.

Book a free clarity session and learn the 4 key elements you need to write a brand message that your ideal clients find irresistible.
Lisa Furze, Sydney-based brand consultant & designer

Your brand consultant, Lisa Furze

I know your business needs something meaningful to say and share, which is why I’m here to help you discover exactly what that is. I’ll be your brand consultant for the session, and together we’ll talk through your struggles and your goals and plan out a brand strategy that will take your business to that next level.