Why online experts need a unique brand message and how you can communicate yours

Discover the 3 pillars of branding you need to cover in order to uniquely express the value of your business through words AND visual style.

Sydney-based brand consultant and designer, Lisa Furze, helps service-based entrepreneurs to develop branding that truly expresses the value of what they do.

You don't want a brand image that looks unpolished and unprofessional.

That reflects poorly on YOU.

And you’re a business owner with genuinely valuable services to offer. There are people out there who need your help. You need to make sure they can SEE and FEEL the value you offer.

Not only do you need branding that looks good, but you need branding that expresses YOUR core message.

Connect with clients who align with your values.

Differentiate yourself from other businesses.

Have total confidence in the image you’re building.

It starts with those core pillars.

Branding that matches your level of professionalism and perfectly fits your business is built on a solid brand foundation.

To learn exactly what goes into a strong brand foundation, watch the FREE video workshop.

In the workshop you’ll learn:

Watch the free Branding for Online Experts workshop to learn how to create branding that genuinely reflects the value you provide.
Collaborative brand developement with brand consultant & designer, Lisa Furze

Hey! I'm Lisa.

I’m a brand consultant and designer who’s worked 1-on-1 with dozens of service-based entrepreneurs, helping them to create branding that aligns uniquely with their vision and also resonates with their target audience.

I don’t just create branding that LOOKS good. With each client, I make sure we’re starting with a strong message about what their business stands for. I help them dive deep into the purpose and personality of their brand, so we can develop a voice AND style that expresses the true value of their work.

In my free workshop, I uncover the EXACT 3-part formula that I use with my private clients to develop a strong brand foundation. You can use this formula to put together a message that gets to the heart of what your business is all about, so you know precisely what to communicate to your audience.

Branding for Online Experts

Free video workshop for service-based business owners who want to establish a strong digital presence and connect with dream clients.