Youdaimonia restaurant logo and brand identity design by Lisa Furze


Flourish with good food and good company

The goal

Youdaimonia, an upcoming Oxford restaurant, aims to take our experience of enjoying a meal to a place that nourishes us in every sense of the word. Not just food that is nutritionally valuable, but is also delicious and can be enjoyed while we surround ourselves with friends and family. As part of its development, the restaurant required a visual identity that would communicate Youdaimonia’s position as a socially-concious brand.


Brand identity

Stationery & menu


Youdaimonia restaurant business card design, created by Lisa Furze
Youdaimonia restaurant brand pattern, designed by Lisa Furze
Youdaimonia restaurant stationery design, by Lisa Furze
Youdaimonia restaurant primary logo design, by Lisa Furze

The approach

The logo was designed to reflect the brand’s fresh and healthy philosophy, and appeal to its demographic of young adults. The encircling flowers subtly suggesting laurel wreaths, making a connection to the Greek origin of the restaurant’s name – a wordplay on the word “Eudaimonia”, which can be translated to “human flourishing”.

Youdaimonia restaurant menu design, by Lisa Furze

Health & happiness go hand-in-hand.

Youdaimonia restaurant eco bag designs, by Lisa Furze
Youdaimonia restaurant paper cup designs, by Lisa Furze

“Good for you” doesn’t mean boring

Recent analyses in the restaurant business show a preference towards healthy eating, as younger generations turn to a more balanced lifestyle. Youdaimonia embraces this trend and focuses on quality. Fresh ingredients, good service and a friendly environment where making healthy choices is never hard and never bland.

Youdaimonia restaurant brand identity design, by Lisa Furze
Youdaimonia restaurant signage design by Lisa Furze

Eat well. Connect with friends. Flourish.

Youdaimonia restaurant brand identity design created by Sydney designer, Lisa Furze
Lisa Furze, Sydney-based brand consultant & designer

Brand consultant & designer
Lisa Furze

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